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When you want the best residential heating and air conditioning services in the area, turn to the team at Nightingale Mechanical LLC.

Stop overheating or overcooling your home. When you zone your house, you can set a particular temperature in one area and another temperature in a different area.


Zoning increases your level of comfort and can help you SAVE up to 20% of your annual heating and cooling costs by no longer heating or cooling unoccupied areas of your home.

Zone your house to save energy

Carrier's Infinity air purifier captures and kills the air borne contaminants. This whole house cleaner is fatal to air borne pathogens such as bacterias, viruses and mold. It's filter will filter up to MERV 15. The performance air cleaner also captures and kills as well filtering up to MERV 13.

Purify the air in your home

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As your heating or air conditioning system circulates air, it also circulates dust, pollen, fungi, smoke, and other particles that are too small for you to see. HEPA, electronic, and media air cleaners provide more effective filtration than your HVAC system alone and these can remove up to 94% of the pollutants in your home's HVAC system.


The particles moving through your home can build up on your walls and furniture as well as aggravate allergies. Call now to be able to feel and see the performance an air cleaner can do.

Add an air cleaner to your system

At Nightingale Mechanical LLC, we offer many different systems that you can choose from. Get a gas furnace or heat pump, which is also known as an air-to-air heat pump. You can also SAVE money on your energy costs by having geothermal heating and cooling installed in your home.


The systems we install in your house are Carrier. Units with inverter technology are available to help you SAVE money. In addition, you can count on us to service all makes and models of heating and air conditioning units.

Choose from a variety of systems

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